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The ProGalore Model – ACCGO approach results in measurable, manageable, and defensible goals and objectives for individual growth. Progalore continues to invest in developing local resources and customer relationship to ensure any gap whether it is in technology and/or process is addressed and that value-added service to customer is always there. As a result the customer will always choose the best service rather than the service optimized for cost. Therefore, we would empower the businesses through openness in our approach to manage the demand through different service level options provided to our customers; it also allows them to accurately forecast demand. By joining our platform you will not only working towards adopting Standards and process oriented approach but also building local resouces pool to fill the skills gap locally. We understand the difficulties most of the organizations faced, when provided with technical service costs; the business was then (unreasonably) expected to translate these technical costs into their operating model. No matter what size of organization that has objective(s):

ProGalore (Pro + Galore = Professional Abundance) Australia has committed to generate local resources and leaders through its MODEL based approach.

  • To share characteristics with organizational development, such as systems thinking and the need for through diagnosis of what the real issues are.
  • To find well trained, skilled and perfect match to their needs; perfect match means: apart from Product and Tools training; the resource must have acquired human/soft qualities and team-work added to the Orientation regime.
  • To find a resource who can develop product for their needs and further support it without their own management efforts.
  • To analyze the current product(s), services, and processes; and provide cost effective solutions locally.
  • To retain a resource through measuring performance and creating a plan for individual development that would drive a plan for organizational development as well.
  • To develop/recruit/retain a resource who truly understands a need of collaborative line management that can also serve as a coach.


And this list goes on and on. The essences of problems that ProGalore has decided to address through its ACCGO model. We have come to learn that the technology is the easy bit, and that the quality of the work, people and the strength and openness of the relationships has a far greater bearing on the success of a project.

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Armed with statistical knowledge, technical expertise, and fact based prediction, we allow your business to truly soar.

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We work with energy companies to increase their efficiency and eliminate any environmentally harmful practices.

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We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.

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Analysis of the data includes simple query and reporting, statistical analysis, more complex multidimensional analysis, and data mining.

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