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Project , Program, and Portfolio Office (PMO) Consulting,
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What we do
ProGalore Australia inculcates its vision towards evaluate and
develop Services Portfolio in line with organizational strategy.
ProGalore Australia view education as a tool to develop and
empower people that can lead to a sustained business advantage.
Learning and Development

Entering the U.S. Market International Product Sourcing International Investments.

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Entering the U.S. Market International Product Sourcing International Investments.

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Entering the U.S. Market International Product Sourcing International Investments.

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Our Core Values



Quality Services

Continuous Improvements

We look forward to doing great things with you
to build professional abundance in Australia.

Strategy Development

ProGalor Smart Business Productivity

Hiring local talent

Reduces the risk of leveraging a geographically distant network, easy reference checks, and cultural fit. Also internship options benefits to test cpabilities before hiring.

SOW / Agile Approach

Project-based labor to complement your permanent workforce provides more flexibility and agility. Reduces risks of retaining workers with key skills. Clearity of Opex Vs Capex !

Funded Traineeships

Reduces risks of paying full wages to new hire until matching skills develops; flexible outsourced / in-house training arrangements; increases staff retention by upskilling existing or new hire; access to Government funding, discounts in Tax and workers’ compensation.


Verify the performance before accepting solution / product; reduces the risk of not meeting your customer’s or client’s requirements. Minimise the implementation risks and avoid unexpected failures; meet compliance and budgetry requirements.

Why Choose Us


Our innovation consultants collaborate with you to build out a workable strategy that fits your business needs.

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Our consistency in delivery is focused not only on product and service, but also on the means to achieve it.

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Consistently delivers required business results. Takes responsibility for solving problems and works diligently to find the most effective solutions.

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Technology Career Pathways...

We help professionals and organizations show commitment and competence by providing them with valuable education, evaluation and certification against rigorous internationally recognized standards.

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Entry Level Systems Engineers

Employers worldwide are searching for IT professionals with validated skills. With a CompTIA certification in hand, you’ll be what they’re looking for!

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Cloud Computing

Every systems professional has to take their career to new horizon with Cloud Computing; make yourself job ready for current market.

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Big Data and IT Security

Learn and develop your career in emerging technology of BIG-Data and data security.

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Being IT Systems engineer is very rewarding career with longevity and vast scope of growth. You can achieve through our programs and build foundation to progress further…

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Microsoft Technology Systems Engineer

Being Systems engineer on Microsoft Technology require sequential learning and certifications backed up with practice through internship and project works… Enquire now.

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Microsoft Technology Developer

Microsoft Technology has wide reach into most innovations and 21st Century life style. You can learn a overview around emulated technology and choose to develop your skills and certification in a specific area of software development…

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Microsoft Technology Backend Engineer

Microsoft Technology has decades history into evolving backend or Database technology. Learn the fundamentals and develop skills to use tools, web services, libraries, XML and other data storage and processing concepts. Choose any pathways for your career…

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Software Testing Analyst

Quality assurance and testing plays crucial role in software development life cycle. Learn tools, concepts, and get certified as Test analyst…

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Java Developer

Become Java developer and build your software development skills and career growth. Java as a language is popular in developing many systems around small to enterprise level to web based…

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If you are someone like to program and get into latest concept of DevOps under Cloud architecture then get into programs that provides you skills and certifications in App Development ….

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Mobile App Developer

As the trend suggests every website has mobile version alongside most applications or solutions are developed for mobile as well. Become fast growing app development career.

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Supervisor / Management Career Pathways

Step up in your current role by leading and taking more defined strategy and accountability by getting yourself certified as “Certified Associate Project Management Professional – CAPM” under PMI scope.

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Project Management (PMP / Prince2)

You may be performing tasks that belongs to Project Management role but you are not aware how it can be defined and can create a new career opportunity for you if you become Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) or Prince2.

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Program Management (PgMP)

You may be managing projects and certified as Project manager for years; now there is time to step up to senior role as Program Manager. Get yourself certified as a Unique role of “Program Management Professional (PgMP)” under PMI scope.

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Agile Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

Agile work culture and ongoing check on outcomes is the new norm around business. Get Agile certified professional by learning concepts, tools and tricks to win your next career move that is rewarding and more satisfying…

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