Enterprise Application Solutions and Integration

Enterprise Application Solutions and Integration

Enterprise Applications are the back bone of any business success. In the current competitive world every organisation expect their Enterprise Applications to take their business performance to its niche market and beyond. ProGalor Enterprise Applications Solutions are focused on delivering comprehensively packaged and platform-led services ranging from Designing, Building, Deploying, and Managing.

ProGalor Australia is working towards innovating methodology framework to Integrate Organisation’s different Business processes, both internally and externally across the value chain to maintain their competitive advantage. Organisations would be able to use our innovative complete rolled-out integration architecture that would allow them to focus most of their efforts on creating core business competencies rather than spending time on workflow management.

We help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilises the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Enterprise Application Solutions

We provide expert skill sets in following areas:

  • including continuous enhancement services, application factories, execute programs, integration with other third party systems.
    starting from requirement analysis through to functional & technical consulting, installation, configuration and testing of the system and finally providing.”;
  • including to manage the total applications upgrades, master data & content management, software quality assurance & database migration services.

Enterprise Application Integration

We will help to:

  • Evaluate and recommend products and technologies
  • Architect Integration strategies
  • Build framework around consulted solutions
  • Consult better practices and improvements
  • Integrate existing systems or propose new, to benefit from the cutting edge technology and standards.

some best practices we follow...

You should have a clear grasp of your goals and objectives before choosing an IT outsourcing and consulting service. By doing this, you’ll be able to express your demands clearly and make sure the service provider can meet your expectations. 

Have clear expectations with the supplier regarding the scope of the project, timing, budget, and deliverables. Be certain that expectations are understood by both sides.

Agree with the provider on communication rules that specify how often updates should be given, how best to communicate, and who should be involved. Verify the provider’s responsiveness and availability at all times. 

Describe the project’s performance measures, including its milestones and key performance indicators (KPIs). To make sure that the project is moving forward as anticipated, these indicators should be monitored and reported on a regular basis. 

Facilitate communication between your internal team and the team responsible for the outsourcing. This will guarantee that everyone understands the project’s aims and objectives and that any problems are dealt with as soon as they arise. 

Monitor the provider’s performance to make sure they are living up to your expectations. Consult with the provider frequently to address any worries or problems and ensure that they are quickly handled. 

Ensure that the agreement you have with the supplier is written clearly, and that it is routinely reviewed and amended as required. 

BENEFITS to our Clients

There are many proven strong sides of our services that companies can benefit from. Here are just some of them:

  1. Cost Advantages
  2. Increased Efficiency & Innovation
  3. Access to Skilled Resources & Staffing Flexibility
  4. Internal Staff Education and Technology Certifications
  5. Focus on Core Activities
  6. Operational Costs Control
  7. Time Zone Advantages
  8. Continuity and Risk Management
  9. Project Management Simplification
  10. Work Relationships Simplification (SLAs, SLOs)

How does your organisation perceive the benefits of outsourcing?

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